Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Blame Game!

I get really tired of the blame game.

This is something I am working on striving to help my daughter overcome. I am constantly hearing "it is not my fault". I hear this phrase even when I don't do the deadly mom death stare, raise my voice, or otherwise scold her for something. This phrase now makes me automatically assume it is indeed her fault.

I tried to grasp why my daughter feels nothing is really her fault... like EVER! I don't understand it. I have decided that I need to point out some of mom's flaws and when things are my fault... like forgetting to turn down a road... maybe I need to voice out loud that it was my fault that we have to turn around now. I'm not sure what the answer is but it is worth a try at least.

I started to ponder this whole blame game thing because I notice more so that there are many adults that do this. It isn't my fault thing. While an entire situation might not be 'your fault' maybe take a step back and find what you could have done differently to obtain a different outcome. Often times you'll find that in part at least it really was 'your fault'. Just own up to it and move on, and if you can fix it.

The point of this post really is because no one ever seems to own up... it is always a blame game and a point your finger game. Stop it, change what you can, own what you can, fix what you can, do what YOU can and stop worrying about what... you can't do, what you can't change, who you can't change... let's face it the only person you can change is YOU. Is that really so hard to do?

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