Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting ready for camping

Is hard work!

I'm sure I've forgotten something major. I wrote no lists to pack I just quickly tried to get it together. At least it won't be too bad I do know I remembered to pack clean underware for both Sabrina and myself. One time I forgot mine and had to go out and buy some while camping. That wasn't so fun.

Why is it that camping involves packing so.much.stuff? I feel like I packed for an army for 4 nights. Clothes, shoes, towels, toiletries, pillows, sleeping bags (oh shoot... did I remember mine? yes check that off... only if I had a list lol), drinks... yep got those, food was someone elses responsibility thankfully. Then Sabrina has her bike, roller blades, baseball and mitt... hopefully my cousins kids brought their bats because my kid hasn't gotten to the store yet to buy hers (read mom has had no time).

I forgot for certain a disposable camera but I can't run out and get one as I have no car until after we get back, which really stinks. My car is in the shop for another repair, but we'll save that for another blog day.

We are going camping at Higgins Lake you can check it out here http://www.michigandnr.com/parksandtrails/Details.aspx?id=496&type=SPRK the waters are crystal clear and breathtaking. Here is a wiki link about Higgins lake http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higgins_Lake

We will be driving about 3 1/2 hours North of where we live... that should be interesting with my ADHD child who hasn't been in a car that long in AGES. I've got lots of things packed for her to do while in the car she shouldn't get bored... too quickly and the rule in my car

1) Go to the bathroom before we leave
2) NO asking if we are there yet

A little tidbit about Higgins Lake it is reputed to be the 6th most beautiful lake in the ENTIRE world. Amazing that this gem is so close to home. Hopefully while I'm typing this I can find a beautiful picture online to share. Here we go http://www.higginslakehomes.com/asp/homes/2815%5C720184_8226090.jpg ... take a look at how blue and clear that water is.. it doesn't get much better than that without venturing to the carribean.

Michigan is home to the United State's most fresh water. Michigan owns over 90% I believe it is of our nations natural water resources... pretty neat when you think about it. Looking at a map of Michigan you see the Great Lakes but you don't get to see all the large and small lakes inland. There aren't many places you can go inside of Michigan in either Pennisula where there isn't a body of water within a few miles.

I'll probably have many exciting things to be told when I get back. We'll be out on the boat and tubing and loads of other things as well.

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jeanie said...

Looks gorgeous - although given how cold I am here, camping is the last thing on my mind.

I learned very early going on ANY trip required a list, and I actually had a standard one to go away with baby then toddler and still use it (no need for nappies any more) to a degree!!