Friday, August 29, 2008

Where did my baby go?

You all get to sit and read/listen to me go on and on about my kid growing up.

I just can not believe that come Tuesday she will be starting middle school, with a locker and switching classes and everything.

Then in about 3 weeks she's going to be getting braces. Brace!! How can she be old enough for braces? How can it be that all of her baby teeth are gone?

She's even got a new later bed time. Oh, and keys... keys to the two homes, and a cell phone to call in an emergency or to check in.

Oh and she's been in band for a year... how can I forget band. Next year she wants to play softball (which for anyone that knows my child knows this is a HUGE thing for her to do).

She's hormonal so I'm sure that other changes are just around the corner.

Where did the time go? What happened to the toddler with the big fat baby rolls who'd say with her index finger pointing in the air (instead of a thumbs up) 'du dude' (which meant cool dude)?

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jeanie said...

Oh yes - my baby is only 8 (nearly 9) and I sometimes miss the one who I held in my arms and ordered "dis" when she wanted to go whichever way...

Enjoy this time with her - because no doubt it will only be a few years before she finishes school and have her braces off!

Good luck on the band and softball - we are starting softball in a few weeks, and lots of violin practice (which 'Salina is willing to do - unbelieveable) between her being in the orchestra.