Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She likes a boy

she won't tell me much but his name. I won't share though.

Darn kid told me she'd tell me a little each day because she's embarrassed about it.

I wanna know all about this boy.

I think I hate middle school now!


Rachel said...

HAHA! Ceara informed me recently that she 'broke up' with the neighbor boy, and is now 'going out' with another boy in her class. I'm like GOING OUT??? You never GO OUT anywhere! She is even talking about some of the ho's in her class! SHE'S 10!!!! Damn, I feel so old fashioned, and that's the one thing I thought I'd never be.

jeanie said...

Oh no! Stay a child, stay a child!

lol as mum, as long as you are there to comfort if it comes to nought, to advise if it is asked and to spy like crazy.

Kari said...

Teach me to spy.. I don't know how. Somehow my own mother had a crystal ball but she refuses to give it to me and still uses it against me at thirty years old. Wretched I tell ya, totally wretched.

She told me today some of the boys are calling her needles and is scared it means something verah bad. I told her it just means she's really skinny. She argued with me, we disucessed it with a close friend of mine she concured. Sabrina just thinks we are dumb and don't know anything. Whatev' *insert pre-teen eye roll here*