Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let the talking begin.... Tweens/Teens and cell phones.

My daughter has never been much a phone talker. In a way she still isn't EXCEPT when it comes to her BFF of course then she can talk, and talk, and talk on the phone. Or just sit there and listen to each other giggle.

The talking it doesn't stop. We enacted some rules it seems she hasn't been following so now there will be new restrictions on her phone use and how to keep her off of it when she shouldn't be on it.

Her phone is checked periodically she knows this. Her records everything... so when she'd been really good about it we've laxed. I check on her the other night its a school night and it is 10:30 pm and she was on her phone... TALKING to her friend.

New rule, phone goes up at night. Why didn't we think of that before? Well she's been responsible and shown we didn't need to.

I actually find it kind of amusing but don't tell her that... I gave her the stern face and the lecture. Really though, did she think she could hide it? I went and checked and she's been doing it for a couple of weeks which means her dad hasn't been checking records lately either. They have a new rule there too because... da da da da... she got caught there too. Is it odd I find it so amusing? Because this post it makes me chuckle.

Also it is sort of refreshing to see her have some normal behavior for her age group and know it is normal behavior. For so long we had so many troubles it is kind of nice. Weird in a way yes but not uncommon for parents with kids who have had/have special needs and issues with behavior.

So what are your cell phone rules for your kids?


Single Mom Seeking said...

I've been drafting a post about this, too!... since I got my kid a cell phone this year.

I can't remember how old your daughter is?

I'll lead folks to your great rules when I post my cell phone entry.

Q: Do you ever worry about the effects of the cell phone on your daughter's health?... I do.

jeanie said...

Thank goodness we are nowhere near that right now!

Kari said...

SMS, we had lots of rules this is a revision to the rules. Sabrina is 11 going on 25 ha ha

Sabrina got her cell phone for her birthday last year. She was getting ready to enter middle school and neither home had a landline. Sometimes she has to be home by herself for a bit so it made us all comfortable (mainly me).

I worry lots about many things in regards to her health lol this would be one of them for sure.

Oh, Jeanie... just you wait. I thought the day would never come she'd even have any friends since she was so slow socially now she has one that I swear they are joined by some body part and I have to figure out how to pry it apart at times.