Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Healthy!

I have this goal, I want to be healthy. I've been sick on and off for some time now. Not really knowing why I am getting sick so often and not just your run of the mill cold, allergies, and sinuses. I've had weird things like mesenteric adenitis (and I had this fairly recently not as a child), or lots of bladder infections (like the one I have right now), and all sorts of other things pneumonia included. Because of other symptoms I had 3 years ago I've been tested for lots of things. They come back normal or borderline but not enough to give a diagnosis of any kind.

I'm gaining weight like no tomorrow. In one month time I gained 8 pounds, EIGHT, yes EIGHT pounds. I'm tired, I'm unhealthy, I'm unfit. I need to change what I can. Starting Sunday I'm going to be 'dieting' or eating way healthy, I'm also going to be exercising (oh lawdy help me, please). I have already been doing some of this but the scales say I'm not doing enough to even keep myself at the current overweight status I was.

I'd love to loose 86 pounds but I'd settle for even 70 pounds and then going from there and seeing how I feel and what not. Losing 70 pounds will put me right in the middle of my weight range for a healthy weight for my health, 86 pounds will put me at the low end of that range and will make me entirely happy.

I won't make this blog all about my weight loss goals and exercising but I will be blogging about it. I hope that I can count on some support through it all.


jeanie said...

Hush child - don't you know diet is a four letter word and will make you fat.

It sounds like you are looking more for a lifestyle change with your eating, especially as you really want some health benefits as well as tone.

(At least, that is the lecture I give myself all the time.)

Good luck with it, and maybe (once I shift the first weight) I will be looking for tone and healthy lifestyle choices to focus on and you can be my inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hear ya. I'd love to lose about the same amount. I was so proud of losing 40lbs after I had Mr Farty, but I've gained 20 of it back since then.
I know exactly why too, that's the best part. If I'd give up regular soda I'd probably be anorexic. But I don't give it up. Because I'm an idiot.

Kari said...

Oh so not an idiot Rachel! Its hard to give up what we really love.

For me it is not proving so easy.

Been making really good food choices, cut down caloric intake and eating within the range to lose what I want to lose for my current BMI. Been exercising like a mad fool and not a pound lost... in fact I've GAINED :(

Judith said...

It sounds like your body is becomming pro-inflammatory, I wander if you are estrogen dominant. It would also explain your weight gain, estrogen dominance has a feed back to the thyroid. Early thyroid problems are hard to detect even with the more effecient saliva tests (as opposed to blood tests which only measure blood levels of the thyroid hormones). It would be worth while seeing an integrative medicine dr, contact Life Extension Foundation for one in your area. Anyway, these were just a few thoughts. Regards Judith

Singlemommyhood said...

Wow, I've come to touch base -- I'm so excited for you and all of your life changes... I'd love to know what's going on!! Big hug.