Sunday, September 21, 2008

Excuse #1: Why I haven't been blogging

Well, really it will turn into more than one excuse this is just my first time excusing myself for not blogging. There are several factors

1) Nursing a sore child after extensive (and expensive) orthodontia work. Oye vey is what I say to both the extensive part and the expensive part. This is tiring for moms too let me tell you.

2) Work, work, and a little more work. I wish all that OT would get me out of the financial hole I am in but alas that only happens after some time. My some time isn't served yet apparently.

3) Stress!! Yes ladies and gents (well really I think I only have two readers so ladies ha ha ha), stress will cause you not to blog. Which actually brings me to another thought to blog about: finances... *said in my best TV announcer voice* please stay tuned to my local blog for another blog topic I may need some ideas here and I have lots that I am rolling off the presses.

Well that's it for now because work calls.


jeanie said...

All very valid excuses - why don't you get rewarded for OT? I think that truly sucks if you put in the time you should be paid for it.

Hugs to your daughter on her jaw stuff - I know her pain!

Kari said...

Oh I do get time and a half... but Uncle Sam takes his cut and by then it really isn't much (OT usually = more taxes). All in all it is enough to make me tired but not enough to pay off a bill lol

David said...

Kari, I truly believe that blogging can be therapudic. Don't stop I enjoy your writings. DAM