Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is not the post I was going to make... but....

I just thought of it and will elaborate more later.

I am not dating for now. Unless mister right comes waltzing in my life on some white horse, I'm just not into it at the moment. I'm too busy, too distracted, and too stressed to worry about dating and men at the moment.

Also, I have concluded that I don't attract the stalkers, the creeps, the jerks... they attract me. They are all out there where the nice guys just sort of sit in the shadows waiting, never to be discovered by a girl like me... unless I make that so. At any rate I don't have time to weed through them all.


jeanie said...

I have lived through your fear, K.

You know that classic 80s warbler "I've been to paradise..." - I think there are a few of us out there who have to make the "me" trip and work out what we are willing to put up with - and more importantly, not put up with - and be willing to deal with the not having it at all rather than accept that little bit less.

You ARE worth it. Its just a matter of finding the good guys - but I know the fear of them becoming just like history.

Kari said...

Thanks Jeanie. I know that, but it is good to have the validation and the understanding.

Rachel said...

I feel your the past 15 years I've managed to attract an alcoholic and a few cheaters. I am also taking a break from it all! The only man in my life right now is Mr. Farty!