Monday, September 8, 2008

Middle School: Week 2

So we got through our first week of middle school. It seems to be going well... most of the questions I ask though I get shrugs and "I dunno" but I hear that is pretty common and it has been a common response her whole life anyway ha ha ha.

She is enjoying band still, and she says she's been late to gym almost everyday due to logistics... we'll see how that reflects on her. I'll actually mention it at open house next week.

Mom is still a little bit crazy but she is doing better too.


jeanie said...

I would try to be a bit proactive on the late thing - maybe a note to both teachers saying this is the situation, can you verify and how can she overcome?

Congratulations on another successful week!!! I always get those responses - I would KNOW something was up if she volunteered information.

Kari said...

lol I have to laugh about the knowing something was up in information was volunteered. I've gotten better over the years at not asking questions in a certain way so I do get answer. I still get sighs and eye rolls though regardless.

As far as the late thing, well I figure the first week they are letting them figure it out and get settled. We'll see what week 2 brings along I'll ask her daily though. Next week is open house. I am going to call the school and find out their tardey policy for the new ones and what happens when they are late. So far she says he teacher hasn't said anything. She says she walks in the door literally within seconds of the bell ringing. This is for gym class though and not some other class. Maybe I will suggest to her to talk to her teacher about it. I am trying to teach her to be proactive and do things on her own so that might be a good start. Maybe he teacher will tell her oh starting next week you'll have to be on time or something like that. I have to think they give new 6th graders time to adjust, at least that is what we were told and I'd think it would apply to this too right? hee hee... okay... all that to realize I should just call the school and find that out and then maybe write a quick note.