Monday, February 16, 2009

I Wish! Also, an Update to My 'Things to Do' List

I wish that my finances were fixed, so that I could look for a home. I have found several homes in my area all say they are liveable and all are under 60K for sale. I'm the type of person I want a home of my own so badly, that I don't care if nothing is the way I want it because most likely won't be and even after I have all debt paid and am finished with school and finish paying off student loans I still won't be able to afford exactly what I want (man what a run on sentance).

I wish I could get financing, man a loan that low would cost like 1/3 of my rent (even with taxes, insurance and a monthly payment to my savings for housing costs/repairs). Think of what I could do for my debt and finances with 2/3 rds of my income freed up. Of course I wouldn't need to do anything for my debt and finances if I was in a position that someone would approve me.

Oh well. Such is life I guess... although I'm really not feeling that right now as I type this. I really need to stop looking at houses, I can't help it, I can't stop dreaming about it.

Onto my last post and update

Today I applied for a new checking account at Fifth Third Bank, they have a really nice one for students. Now I need $50 extra bucks to open it. At which time I will close my account I have now, the totally online banking thing (I have an online bank not a bank with branches) isn't working for me. I'm waivering between opening an ING Direct savings or just using my Credit Union savings. I can only have 3 accounts money is deposited into through my direct deposit and really I need 4. I'm not good at moving the money myself... for various reasons.

My budget is a work in progress, I'm currently working it out still, I get frustrated a lot and cry a lot and start over a lot, its really never been a strong suit of mine. I need to figure out how much I need and forget how much I have and that includes all the things like entertainment, emergency fund, all those little things like a gift fund etc... then figure out how much I need after my paycheck and get creative. Dawn at Fighting Foreclosure has inspired me to that last bit.

I also started my new blog for all my financial stuff (just moments ago) I haven't come up with my introductory post yet or any of its contents either. Here it is though for when I do start How I Became a Fiscal Fussbudget


Rachel said...

Ugh, finances keep me up at night too. I was incredibly lucky to get my house for only $35,000, and only stuck $10,000 into it. It still needs a lot of work, but it's cosmetic stuff.
Student loans suck. If I worked with kids, I could get a big chunk of it forgiven because I work in a nonprofit/government agency. It makes no sense that since I work with adults, I'm not eligible.
And there's the car payment, the credit card, the daycare, etc., you know what I'm talking about.
And it's sad what piddly amount I'm putting in my retirement plan every month. My new retirement plan? Win the lottery.

Kari said...

Winning the lottery is sadly what a lot of people are hoping for. Last count my mom lost $170k of her retirement funds/investments. She's 55 who knows how she'll get all that back.

Finances give me panic attacks.

I'm thinking of going into Social Work, so are you telling me if I do and work with kids that I can get some of my loans forgiven if I work for the Government or nonprofit? Oh this I need to check out. I agree it makes no sense you are doing a human service deserving of some compensation because we all know human services the people aren't in it for the money that's for sure.

I'm going to find out about land contracts, then talk to my dad. I've never ever asked him for anything but it could be an investment for him right? This is just a dream though, I've never asked for a thing because he's always made it clear that he won't do anything for us since we were kids. I found a house that is right on the water for $40k TLC needed but livable(meaning it needs new flooring and cosmetic things is what the ad said) and also has a $2k flooring allowance wow!!! I'm afraid if I wait until things are straight financially I'm going to never ever be able to afford a house. The owning a house dream seems so unattainable to me. No way I can ever make the kind of money to afford a mortgage without buying while the market is so low its cheaper than rent on my teeny tiny apartment where we share a bedroom lol

Oh boy, here I go writing a book again lol

Rachel said...

The loan forgiveness only applies to certain loan programs, I think it's the Perkins loan? Don't quote me on that.
It sucks that if I worked in a different dept. in the same agency, I'd get some of the loan forgiven.
Haha, you won't be overpaid or overappreciated in the human services field, that's for sure. You have to be someone who's satisfaction comes from inside, and not ever be waiting for any thanks or recognition, because it rarely comes. Makes it all the more meaningful on the rare occasions when a client actually says 'thank you.'

Rachel said...

Oh, and I tagged you for an award.

Kari said...

Guess I need to research my loans a little more though so I get the right ones. When I was going to into education there are loans that are forgiven for that too. Don't know why I haven't thought of it until now.

An award? Really? Cool :) thank you!

jeanie said...

I have two accounts - one for work and one for household - but each has sub-accounts I can move my money around on.

I budget to within an inch of my life, actually - a great feeling when there is enough money, scary when the numbers go red!!