Saturday, November 15, 2008

My child

I haven't blogged on her in a while. I've been focusing on me in this blog for whatever reason that is. Maybe it is because my whole life is her and it is nice to have this little space on the internet that is just mine. However, I am a mom too so she is part of who I am.

My 11 year old child is playing the clarinet as I type this... gone are the days of the screaching instrument (mostly) and she is getting quite good at it. Despite that her report card says she needs more practice.

Since I mentioned the report card I must RAVE that her most recent one (minus band) was fabu. She's doing beautifully in middle school. So much so I haven't even logged onto that parent connect website they mailed us about yet. Must put that on my check list of things to do soon.

She's doing great with her braces and I expect her treatment time to be minimal. Her next appointment is during Christmas break.

Her sassiness and moodiness still leave quite a bit to be desired though. Ahhh the perils of tweenhood.

I made a mean lasagna that even her royal pickiness couldn't complain about last night. *note to self, make this more often and sneak in stuff her royal pickiness complains about eating*


Rachel said...

Ceara just started 5th grade band a few weeks ago...damn that flute!
I laughed when I read about your picky daughter, I go through the nightly supper time battle. I sometimes wish I could just shove spoonfuls of oatmeal in her mouth like I do with her brother!

Kari said...

Ha... gone are the days we can shove food in their mouths huh? This from a kid that would have gobbled down tai food at a year, ate asparagus, spinach the works up until the age of about 6 and then the pickiness started.

5th grade band... oye!! Last year we were there.