Saturday, November 29, 2008

So another night out... with a picture of the new man and me.

So yes, now I look like a complete party animal lately. I really don't know why, because I am, but I rarely get to do that.

Also drunkeness... it doesn't become me at all. This particular night (last weekend), little ole me got into a bar fight. Who does that at 30? Me and my 35 year old dear friend do apparently. We whooped arse if you really wanna know, this will be the story to tell for many moons to come because well... we don't get to get out often and we rarely oh so rarely have good stories to tell anymore. Anyway this girl stole my purse, my phone, my money... I confronted her in a polite way I might add, she got lippy and I gave her choices. Her choice was a fight... so it was what it was. It was so funny, I gave her choices like I would my 11 year old (heck for all she looked all of 17 herself and got lippy like a 17 year old anyway).

So in this pic, T thinks I'm being all friendly when in reality I know I look like crap especially because I'm drunk, and I don't want my mug showing all that much in the picture soooo I kissed him for it so my ugly mug doesn't look so ugly. Shhh don't tell him that... we'll let him believe I was being all friendly ;) So anyway this is the new man, I like bald men what can I say?


jeanie said...

Oh we needed you on Friday night to sort our pool room controversy!!

Rachel said...

Good for you! I haven't been drunk in like a year and a half. Like you, I rarely leave the house anymore...and when I do, it's to go to Walmart.

Kari said...

jeanie, I could have done that for ya. I get quite ummm lets see either frisky (which I was) or bossy (which I am anyway but moreso) when I drink too much.

Rachel, I hear that Walmart is dangerous anymore, did you hear about the stampede on Black Friday? Oye!! Yes, all I seem to do is work, eat, sleep... then over and over again, oh yes and take care of the kiddo lol It is the holidays though and that means parties, and obligations then I miss my boring ole life for a time there.