Monday, November 10, 2008

R-E-S-P-E-C-T.. and other things

So things with T are going smashingly well.

We spent a good portion of the weekend together and it was blissful. I was just in the hospital recently so we just watched movies and ordered pizza one day and another one we went to the movies. It was just nice to cuddle on the couch.

He held my hand, put his arms around me all the nice stuff that I really enjoy and that most men I've been with lack in. I let him know how much I enjoyed it so he continues lol He is very very attentive. He sang to me in his not so nice singing voice but it was sweet anyway (and funny). We just had a lot of fun getting to know more about one another.

He called me his girlfriend so we had a talk about that (YAY, I didn't have to be the one to bring it all up).

I'll stop the gushing stuff to tell you that this man is so respectful. This morning he texted me, like he does every morning to say good morning, but today he let me know he forgot to charge his phone last night. Why is that important to me you might ask?

Well.. I've come used to hearing from him through out the day with little things like "how is your day?" or what not. My most recent ex (and yes I'm going to compare here but I do that so little... I think), would let his phone die and we lived in separate areas in a long distance relationship. The problem was I would worry and he had no one in his area. Anyway it ended up being a big issue because it was happening too often one time it happened for 2 days because... well that's not important. This ex and I were talking marriage so it isn't like I was being a psyco (although I did for other things lol). Because this was a big issue, it is now to me. T and I haven't talked about it or anything we aren't at that point yet. I thought though it was really cool that he thought of me to tell me with the last of his battery that basically I'm sorry I won't be texting you today, and this is why. When things get even more serious between us it will be important to me that he respects me enough to let me know say he's going to be home late or something like that. I was impressed... or maybe I'm looking to far into this lol


Rachel said...

You are so lucky that I almost hate you right now...
Hope things continue to go well!

Kari said...

Well don't hate me... I'm still on that cloud 9 shiz. I'm sure the "I can't believe he said that" posts will come in time. For now he is that almost perfect that you swoon over when first dating lol I'll bask in it for now and let you know how great it is when your 'almost perfect' man arrives on the scene because he will. I waited what 11 years?? I can wait some more if I have to but I'd rather not ;) ha

Thanks Rachel, I hope they continue to go well to.

jeanie said...

aaaawwwww!!! That first bit of love is so special and should last to get through working out the rough bits.

I am happy for you, darling.